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Why social media should be part of your overall business marketing strategy

Everyone says you need to be on social media. You feel like you should be. But you still are not sure why. You have a website, business cards and leaflets, is that not enough?

There are many reasons why you should be on social media and why it should be part of your overall business marketing strategy.

Here are just a few.

Your competitors are on it

People use social media platforms like search engines. If someone is looking for a dog trainer, cat sitter, a new pet product or a veterinary clinic, they will use the search facility and find your competitors, not you!

And even if they are not actively searching for a business or product like yours, your competitors will be served to them as they scroll and engage.

A customer scrolling social media looking for a local business
People use social media like Google

Building relationships

Clients and customers like to know that they can trust and depend upon a brand or service provider. By showing up regularly and consistently and sharing content with value and brand stories, your followers will feel like they know you and your brand, and then they will be more likely to buy from you.

Your clients expect you to be

Social media has become such a part of life that your clients will assume you are there. Existing clients will look for you on Instagram or Facebook to check your contact details, find out more about your services, keep up-to-date with any new products or offers and for customer services.

Customers can tag you

There is nothing better than a positive customer review. And on social media, that comes in the form of being “tagged”. Your customers and clients love to show off their new favourite dog toy or their cat snuggling in his new igloo, and they will tag you in their posts for all their friends to see. What a powerful way for your product or service to reach new eyes, and the best form of marketing through social media. This clickable tag will lead straight to your profile, where the user can view all your content and even click through to your website, which leads us to the next reason.

A person is taking a photo of a cat sitting on a chair. They are using an iPhone.
User Generated Content is social media marketing gold

Drive website traffic

If you have an online shop, booking system or great content on your website that you really want clients to see, you can link to your pet business website from your social media platform. You can add links in the bio or posts. With well-crafted content you can direct followers to the page you want them to see.

Networking with collaborators

There are lots of like-minded business owners on social media. Building networks is a wonderful way to reach new customers. Maybe you sell dog shampoos and would like to collaborate with a groomer, or perhaps you sell veterinary products and would love to work with a thought leader. Follow and engage in conversations on Twitter and LinkedIn to meet like-minded pet business owners.

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